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Animal Behavior Society
Animal Behavior Society

Working towards a better understanding of animal behavior

Animal Behavior & Education

The Animal Behavior Society's Education Committee was formed to promote quality instruction and training in the area of animal behavior.

ABS Outreach Grant

The Animal Behavior Society is excited to offer Outreach Grants to support outstanding community engagement efforts by ABS members. We have a responsibility as scientists to engage with the public, and most members of ABS are involved in creative outreach activities.

With this ABS Outreach Grant, we will recognize and support a few exceptional programs each year. Currently, awards are up to $1000 each. Winners will share their program on this website as well as through a poster at the ABS annual conference.

Proposals are due each year on December 1, and awardees will be announced in the Spring. 

Proposal Submission Information Link


2020- 2021 Grant Recipients

Anita Aisenberg: Walk on the Wild Side: A Journey with Explorers of the Tiny World, Walk on the Wildside PPT

Yi-Ru Cheng: Trash for Treats

Lindsay R. Mehrkam: Unleashing Applied Animal Behavior Science to Underserved Communities

Heungjin Ryu: Citibats: Citizen Science-based Bat Acoustic Monitoring Program

Doug Wacker: Urban Bird Project


2019- 2020 Grant Recipients

Sarah Guindre-Parker: Backyard Behavior – Using nest-box dwelling birds to observe animal behavior locally

Mounica Kota and Kia Seehafer: Boosting the Behavior Bug: An Introductory Animal Behavior Module

Alexandra McInturf: The Ethogram

Matt Wilkins: A Galactic Polymath Interdisciplinary Middle School Unit Based on Female Barn Swallow Song

2018- 2019 Grant Recipients

Maria J Albo, Kids That Tell Science: Promoting Positive AttitudesTthroughout Scientific Knowledge

Laura Hancock, Flying Friends Friday and Wildlife Wednesday

Shailee S. Shah and Stefanie J. Siller, Superb Stories And Games: Engaging Kenyan Students In The Unique Behavior Of A Local Bird

Heather Zimbler-DeLorenzo, Wild Side Of Science


2017- 2018 Grant Recipients

Giridhar Malla, An initiative to create awareness about behaviour and conservation of a globally threatened small cat among the kids of a fishing community in India

Sue Margulis and Tiffany Vanderwerf, Encouraging animal behavior studies in science fairs

Ted Stankowich, The science of wildlife conservation and pet safety, a community outreach study

Brooke Woelber, Science Friday!