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PhD position in Evolutionary Functional Morphology
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Posted Apr 24
Dr. Philip Bergmann’s Evolutionary Functional Morphology Lab at Clark University is recruiting a Ph.D. student to begin in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020. The Bergmann lab studies form-function relationships in an evolutionary and ecological context, primarily using reptile and amphibian locomotion as a study system. The main research foci are (1) how form-function relationships work and are affected by factors such as ontogeny and substrate, and (2) the evolution of snake-like body shapes from phenotypic, functional, and ecological perspectives. Tools used by the lab to address these questions include high-speed video, force plates, EMG, dissection, behavioral observations, field work, and modeling/simulation approaches. Some exciting areas that might be of interest to new PhD students include the ontogeny of performance, connecting performance with habitat use, performance in predator-prey interactions, and integrating form-function relationships with genetic architecture of performance traits.
Graduate students should be self-motivated and have prior research experience. They will be encouraged to develop their own projects within the context of the lab research. Interested students should contact Dr. Bergmann ( prior to applying with any questions they may have, a cover letter that includes their research interests, CV, and names and e-mail addresses for two references. The Biology Department at Clark University is small but vibrant, providing students the opportunity to gain experience in research, teaching, mentoring, and outreach. Support by way of Teaching Assistantship is guaranteed for five years, and includes tuition waiver.  Although this year’s application deadline has passed, we are accepting applications.
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Philip J. Bergmann
Associate Professor
Biology Department
Clark University
950 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01610