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Carroll College is seeking applicants for a 9-month Visiting Professor position in Anthrozoology
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Posted May 15

Carroll College is seeking applicants for a 9-month Visiting Professor position in Anthrozoology with an emphasis in Canine Science & Training for the 2019-20 academic year.  The successful applicant will be responsible for teaching classes in Canine Science and Canine Training and mentoring undergraduate students in the broader field of Anthrozoology.  As part of this work, the faculty member will help to provide students with opportunities to learn how to train dogs for a range of work including, but not limited to, therapy, service, or scent detection. This facet of the teaching and research requires maintaining a relationship with animal shelters around the state and identifying appropriate dogs for students to foster for an academic year.

The successful applicant will join the Anthrozoology Program at an opportune and exciting time in the history of this innovative program.  Carroll is in the process of laying the plans for a Canine Research Center, a new building on campus that will facilitate hands-on, applied learning that focuses on inquiry and outreach.  The Anthrozoology Professor will play an integral role in collaborating with colleagues and staff from within the department and across the campus/curriculum to develop and utilize this exciting new space in ways that empower students, push research and pedagogical boundaries, and contribute to the welfare of the Helena community and the wider region.

This Visiting Professor position is for the academic year 19-20. Approximately mid-August 2019 to Mid-May 2020. The position will be posted in the fall as a full-time tenure track position in Anthrozoology with an emphasis in Canine Science & Training to start August 2020.   In the context of Carroll’s mission-based focused on blending the liberal arts with strong pre-professional programs, the applicant for this position will be required to develop an active and vibrant canine-research program, with a focus on topics such as canine cognition, behavior, genetics, welfare, and/or any other canine topic of value to students and society. The Visiting professor will be encouraged to apply for this tenure track position. A Ph.D. in any field that demonstrates an understanding of the science of behavior will be preferred.


  1. Masters level required. Recognizing that Anthrozoology is a new discipline, the committee will acknowledge graduate degrees in related fields such as psychology, biology, animal behavior or behavior analysis, the humanities, social work, or sociology. A component of the candidate’s education must include the appreciation of human-animal relationships or interactions. 
  2. The successful candidate should have a thorough understanding and appreciation of “learning theory” as applied to animal training. 
  3. Must have a proven record of research preferably with dogs, but published work demonstrating the ability to design and conduct research with other animals will be accepted
  4. Minimum of three years of professional or competitive canine training work such as service dog training, animal-assisted interventions, search and rescue other scent work, or competition in obedience, agility, and so forth. 
  5. Finalists will be asked to submit a written (one to two page) response to the College mission statement.


To receive priority consideration, please submit an electronic copy of your letter of application, resume, and the names, addresses, and phone numbers of three professional references no later than Friday, June 14, 2019 to Vicki Robinson at  EOE