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Field-based research opportunities in Thailand
Posted Oct 1
Mahouts Elephant Foundation (MEF) has field-based research opportunities for currently or soon-to-be matriculating graduate students. We are looking to collaborate with graduate students and their advisors on the following projects:
1)    Camera-trap survey of wildlife in two remote, forested habitats in Thailand where Asian elephants have been re-wilded. 
2)    Bioaccoustic study of re-wilded Asian elephants at three remote, forested habitats in Thailand.
Mahouts Elephant Foundation can cover certain field costs: including equipment costs, on-site accommodations, in-country ground travel between sites, support staff (e.g., guides and translators), and possibly one roundtrip international flight.
The start time of these projects has some flexibility, but we are hoping to have them begin in some capacity the summer of 2020. 
If you have any interest in or questions about these research opportunities, please contact:
Dr. Liv Baker, MEF research director