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MS, postdoc positions in pollinator behavior & microbiology
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Posted Jul 29

The Russell Lab ( focuses on the behavioral and evolutionary ecology of interactions among flowering plants, pollinators, and their microbial associates, with a particular emphasis on bee cognition. Projects that focus on any one component or combining up to all three are absolutely welcome!

MS trainees are funded through TAships and summer RAships. I will happily work with postdoc candidates to apply for fellowships and grants to bring them to Missouri State University.

To inquire about applying, please contact Dr. Avery Russell ( Please describe your research interests and professional interests and how they connect to the lab and send your CV. We strongly encourage and support social justice work and we care deeply about equity and science education. Please talk to me about how we can support you and your passions. For more on our mentoring perspectives, please see

Missouri State University is a principally undergraduate university and the Biology Department offers excellent two year Masters’ programs in Biology, Plant Science, Biology Education, and Natural and Applied Science. The Biology faculty are highly collaborative. Field research in city limits, as well as the Bull Shoals Field Station and Prairie State Park, for example, is all possible. MSU is located in Springfield, Missouri (“Queen City”), a city of 160,000 in the heart of the Ozarks, a biodiversity hotspot. Work-life balance in the Ozarks involves hiking, swimming, floating, climbing, mountain biking and more outdoor activities, as well as great museums, live music, restaurants, and bars.