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PhD position at the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain City
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Posted Jun 25
I work at the United Arab Emirates University (; to see the details of the PhD program). I obtained a grant to work on some aspects of homing in pigeons, in coolaboration with scientists from Italy and USA. The grant stipulates that a PhD student must be recruited to work on this grant. The project is funded for four years. The total stipend is about USD 27,225/year. The sum comes down to about USD 20000/year (tax free), after deducting costs of health insurance and residence halls fees. Three meals are provided per day, and transportation to/from work for free. 
The requirements for admission are
Please note that students are eligible for full scholarship (Tuition fee waiver and stipend). So, when you apply you will automatically be considered for the scholarship.
The program details and tuition fees can be found in the following sites:
 The candidate will preferably have experience in homing pigeon research or animal navigation research.