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Deadline Extended! Open Grant Opportunities for Applied Behaviour Research
Posted Aug 8

The ASPCA Behavioral Sciences and Strategy & Research departments have multiple, exciting funding opportunities for research. The open RFPs support projects that 1) advance the assessment of behavioral phenotypes and the development of evidence-based treatment interventions for shelter animals, or 2) document animal cruelty and/or develop indicators of psychological trauma in companion animals. 


Please APPLY HERE or share with your networks!  


If you have any questions, please email [email protected] - we are happy to answer questions or chat about potential projects. 


Examples of previously funded research under the RFPs are: 


Applied Behavior Research
In 2021, we funded research through this grant initiative to: 

Examine the effects of chew toys on behavioral and physiological indicators of stress, and their impact on cognitive welfare in kenneled dogs 

Understand the impacts of fostering on shelter cat behavior based on their level and type of activity, as measured by accelerometers and foster reports, and identify practices that improve shelter outcomes 

Determine the long-term effectiveness of an enrichment program centered on human interaction to reduce undesirable behaviors and increase adoptability in fearful shelter dogs 


Cruelty Research & Psychological Trauma 

In 2021, we funded research to: 

Identify common themes in the National Animal Care and Control Association members’ perspectives on current approaches to community engagement on cruelty/neglect issues 

Conduct a needs assessment with family maltreatment professionals in the United States Air Force Family Advocacy Program (USAF FAP) to examine the prevalence of animal cruelty reported during family maltreatment incidents 

Develop behavioral and biological markers of psychological trauma in dogs from cruelty cases

Investigators and/or research teams affiliated with universities, colleges, government agencies, veterinary hospitals or clinics, or other institutions that meet our ASPCA Grantee Organizational Standards are eligible to apply.