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Graduate Positions in Parasite-Mediated Sexual Selection
Grad Positions
Posted Sep 10
The Polak Lab at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, is recruiting graduate students to work in the areas of sexual selection and host-parasite biology, and to join a growing research team pursuing these themes. The questions students would pursue are flexible within the broader scope of these disciplines. Our main systems involve ectoparasitic mites and parasitoids attacking insect hosts in nature. The mites are sexually transmissible and there is exciting potential to explore both pre- and post-copulatory sexual selection mediated by parasites; both "good genes" and direct fitness models apply. Students will be able to develop skills that are strongly multi-disciplinary, involving host-parasite biology, behavioral ecology, reproductive physiology, quantitative genetics, bioinformatics and functional genomics. Successful applicants will be highly motivated to pursue research in the above theoretical areas focused on insects, and eager to develop their writing and analytic skills through doing science. Visit to learn more. Interested parties should send an informal inquiry to Dr. Michal Polak: [email protected].