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Ecological Physiology Job Alert !!!!
Grad Positions
Posted Sep 21
I am actively looking for a motivated, talented, collaborative graduate student (PhD) who is interested in aquatic insect ecological physiology, conservation, and response to climate change. The graduate position will be funded with RAs (1 year), TAs, and fellowships if possible. We use a mix of field and lab experiments to answer questions related to how ectotherms interact with their thermal environment, and how these interactions shape their physiology, distributions, and interactions within their communities. More broadly, we hope our research provides a deeper understanding of how organisms and communities will respond to changing climatic conditions. Although we primarily use aquatic insects as a model, we also have projects on frogs (tadpoles), and terrestrial insects (parasitoid wasps and hosts). The Shah Lab is located at the W.K. Kellogg Biological Station in southwest Michigan. This is a unique area with pristine and agricultural land, as well as forests, fields, ponds, lakes, and streams. All of these systems are available for research. Our state-of-the-art Pond Lab as well as a temperature control research lab lend themselves well to large experiments in thermal ecology.
The Kellogg Biological Station (KBS) is a Michigan State University (MSU) facility and students and postdocs in the Shah Lab would be in the Department of Integrative Biology in the degree-granting Ecology, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior program.
KBS is a genuinely community-oriented workplace, where there is a lot of interaction among faculty, students, and staff. Grad students and postdocs are deeply involved in various aspects of the KBS community, from being on committees to organizing academic, non-academic, and outreach events. All have access to great resources, additional faculty, and numerous funding opportunities on the main MSU campus. KBS has a vibrant undergraduate research training program funded by a recurring NSF REU grant and MSU URA program. Graduate students therefore have numerous opportunities to hone their outreach, teaching, and mentorship skills.
Those who are interested should take a look at the "Join" tab on my website ( Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need additional clarification!


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