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Master’s in female birdsong behavior, physiology, and evolution available
Grad Positions
Posted Feb 12
The Odom Lab at University of the Pacific is seeking enthusiastic Master’s students interested in independent research on the ecological and evolutionary drivers of sex differences in songbird song. Research in the Odom Lab is integrative. Students can choose from field and lab experiences with topics and techniques ranging from hormone regulation of seasonal increases in female and male song, transcriptomics and gene expression associated with these changes, and phylogenetic comparative studies on evolutionary drivers of sexual dimorphism in birdsong. For more information on research in the Odom Lab, visit the lab website. We are looking for students interested to start in Fall 2024 as well as January 2025 or Fall 2025. Applications for the Master’s program are available online. Admissions decisions for Fall 2024 will begin soon.

If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected]. Please include a cover letter explaining your interest in this research and a recent CV.

University of the Pacific offers qualifying graduate students financial support in the form of Graduate Assistantships (GAships). Each GAship includes full tuition remission, employment as a lab teaching assistant (with a nine-month salary), and health insurance. More information about the Master’s program is available on the University of the Pacific biology graduate student website: