Pre-Conference Events

Pre-Conference Events & Workshops

ABS 2019 Outreach Fair

Organized by the ABS Education Committee

ABS members will present a special program for elementary school students, "Adventures in Animal Behavior." on Monday June 12, 9:30-12:30 on the University of Toronto, Scarborough campus. Faculty members and graduate students representing over a dozen animal behavior research laboratories from across the US, Canada, South America and Australia will offer multiple activities highlighting current research questions, as well as the tools and techniques used in field research. Participants will have a chance to fly "bat airplanes," check out bird parasites under a microscope, and listen to hyena calls.

Teaching Workshop: Animal Behavior Lab Activities 

Organizer: Heather Zimbler-DeLorenzo, ABS Education Committee Chair

The Education Committee is hosting this free workshop focused on designing Animal Behavior laboratory activities. The development of a hypothesis and testing it can be difficult for undergraduates, especially one of their own. We will present different methods for engaging students in lab activities, even having participants do one. There will also be a focus on the use of quantitative analyses and interpretation of data. Participants will have time to work on creation of new lab activities.

Conservation Behavior Workshop: Implications of Solar Power on Wildlife Conservation  

Organizer: Barbara Clucas, ABS Conservation Committee Chair

The Conservation Committee is hosting a workshop again this year, and more information will be posted here once details are avaialble. Fee to attend: $25 non-students, $20 students, and $5 Developing Nations attendees.

Weaving the Future of Animal Behavior Workshop 

Organizer: Emilia Martins

The Weaving the Future of Animal Behavior workshop is an annual event for early-career professionals in animal behavior. The workshop will consist of panel discussions and other activities on topics such as developing a funding strategy, building a research group, time management, teaching strategies, and professional networking. At the end of the workshop, we will form peer-mentoring circles that will continue to meet via video-conferencing throughout the subsequent year.