Keynote & Plenaries

Keynote & Plenaries

Keynote Address
Are sexual ornaments beautiful?

Dr. Tamra Mendelson
University of Maryland, Baltimore County


Fellows Lecture
The power of behaviour in structuring groups, populations, and communities

Dr. Leticia Aviles
University of British Columbia


Presidential Address

Dr. Vanessa Ezenwa

Yale University

Plenary Lecture
Understanding the evolution of behavioral correlations

Dr. Ned Dochtermann

North Dakota State University


Plenary Lecture
How does nature build an aggressive bird?

Dr. Kimberly Rosvall
Indiana University, Bloomington


Plenary Lecture
The Ecology of Fear

Dr. Liana Zanette

Western University

DEI Lecture
Shifting perspectives: The importance of context and diversity in spider mate choice

Damian Elias

University of California, Berkeley