Notes from a lunch meeting of the ABS Conservation Committee at the 2008 ISBE, Ithaca, NY

In attendance: CC members Esteban, Dan, Jess, Rich, Bruce Others: Elizabeth Congdon, Misty McPhee
We began by briefly re-visiting our goals defined last summer to (1) continue to provide resources to those interested in Conservation Behaviour via the website, (2) expand awareness of Conservation Behaviour within the ABS society and (3) expand awareness outside of ABS.

We discussed the problem of the legitimacy of CB in parent organizations like NSF and even ABS. How do we fix this? We talked about the different missions of SCB, ABS, ISBE, and TWS.

Dan and Esteban mentioned that their forthcoming book will address the many ways that behavioural theory addresses conservation problems.

We talked about ways to engage managers more and the possibility of inviting local managers to lunches at meetings where they could describe problems for behaviours to solve; kind of pre-meditative brain-storming sessions.

Bruce mentioned human-wildlife conflict workshops in DC and a listserve it maintains. Many were interested in knowing more about this.

Colleen wondered if there was potential to offer behavioural expertise to managers with specific human-wildlife conflict problems and even to go fishing for promising applications and offer unsolicited potential solutions. Several acknowledged that the highly political nature of many conflict situations may not welcome this approach.

Later in the meeting we wondered if we might begin an effort of this sort by trying to identify talks from the meeting with conservation applications and describing these in a brief editorial to the society newsletter.