Abstracts & Awards

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Presenter Instructions

Oral Presentations (UPDATED)

  • All rooms will have both a Mac and PC connected to the presentation system.
  • PCS will have Windows 7 and MS Office 2013
  • Macs will have OS X 10.11.X (El Capitan), MS Office 2016 and Keynote (current version)
  • Speakers MAY NOT connect their own computer (except per below)
  • Plenary speakers scheduled in the ABNR Conservation Auditorium may connect their own computer via either HDMI or VGA. Plenary speakers should be sure to bring any necessary adaptors if they wish to use their own computer.
  • The speaker presentation upload station is located at the registration desk in the Life Sciences Center Atrium. All talks must be uploaded using the speaker presentation upload station at least 4 hours before the scheduled presentation time. It is highly recommended that speakers bring their presentations on a jump drive to their sessions as back-up.
  • All presentations should be formatted for wide screen projectors (Power Point: Page setup: Slide sized for >widescreen< Keynote: choose a ‘WIDE’ theme)

Poster Presentations

  • All posters must fit within an area no larger than 42 wide X 40 high
  • There will be one official evening poster session, and we ask that you stand near your poster to discuss your study and answer questions.
  • See the conference program for your assigned poster number.