Join your colleagues in Columbia

Meal Plan

The conference meal plan includes 7 meals: lunch and dinner on Sunday through Tuesday and lunch on Wednesday. (Breakfasts are included in the costs of the dormitories.)  Meals will be served in a campus dining facility (Plaza 900) that offers multiple food stations at every meal, including burgers, Italian fare, a sandwich shop, a soup & salad bar, and a ‘cooked to order’ stir-fry station. The food is excellent, varies from day to day, and includes options for vegetarians and vegans.

The total cost of the meal plan is $65.

"I had the chance to taste the various options of the MU cafeteria food during my visit to Columbia--and they were fantastic!! Broad choices, from traditional to new cuisine, from vegan to meat-eater, and anyone in between. You will not go hungry if you choose the ABS meal plan option!"

Mark E. Hauber, ABS Program Officer

Conference attendees are strongly encouraged to purchase the meal plan. Rollins Hall provides a modern dining experience and is located across fron the Life Sciences Center on Rollins Rd.. Other campus dining options are closed at this time of the summer and a trek downtown for every meal is likely to be unpleasant in the Missouri heat.  A limited number of individual meals will be available for ‘walk-ins,’ but purchasing the meal plan is the more economical choice (even if you skip a meal or two) and guarantees that you will be admitted to the dining hall.