Vol. 61, No. 4 | November 2016

2017 ABS Conference

54th Annual Meeting of the Animal Behavior Society

Toronto, Canada - June 12 - 16, 2017


The 54th Annual meeting of the Animal Behavior Society will be held in Toronto, Canada, June 12 - 16, 2017; hosted by the University of Toronto, Scarborough, and chaired by Maydianne Andrade and Andrew Mason. Please check the ABS website and look for a special email announcement to members in the near future with details about our 54th meeting.

The slate for symposia is now complete for 2017 and includes Cognitive Ecology III: 10 years later; 
The Future of Zoo Research: 50 Years of Zoo Behavior; and Re-Invigorating Your Classroom with Module-Based Teaching. Keynote speakers include Rebecca Kilner, Cambridge University; Elizabeth Tibbetts, University of Michigan; ABS Fellow Molly Morris, Ohio University; and Jim Dale, Massey University.

PRE-CALL FOR PAPERS: Each ABS member may present or sponsor one contributed paper at an Annual Meeting. Any topic related to the field of Animal Behavior is welcome, including all aspects of the behavior of animals for field, laboratory, applied or theoretical studies. Abstracts submitted by non-members must include the name of an ABS member willing to sponsor the presentation. ABS members may also show one film, participate in invited paper sessions or present plenary lectures in addition to giving or sponsoring their single contributed paper. The research reported at an Annual Meeting must comply with the ABS guidelines and all applicable laws concerning animal care and welfare. More details on abstract submission guidelines and abstract submission deadlines will soon be available on the conference website, linked to the ABS meeting site here: http://animalbehaviorsociety.org.

Registrants may submit abstracts for Talks or Posters. Talks will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, as per ABS policy. For more information, please contact: [email protected].

Conference hosts: Maydianne Andrade & Andrew Mason

Local Organizing committee:
Darryl T Gwynne
Locke Rowe
Marla Sokolowski
John Ratcliffe

All non-Canadians will need a PASSPORT (and in some cases, a visa) to travel to Canada.

See you in Toronto next year!




2017 Warder Clyde Allee Award

The 2017 Warder Clyde Allee Session for Best Student Paper Competition will be held during the annual meeting of the Animal Behavior Society scheduled June 12th through June 16th at the University of Toronto at Scarborough. All eligible students and recent graduates are encouraged to participate.

Eligibility requirements: Any independent graduate student research (including, but not limited to, the doctoral dissertation) is suitable for the application. The work presented may be part of a larger collaborative effort, but the applicant must be first author and have principal responsibility for conceptualization and design of the research, collection and analysis of the data, and interpretation of the results. The applicant cannot have been awarded the Ph.D. degree before the start of the preceding ABS annual meeting (for the 2017 meeting, this date is July 30, 2016). An individual can apply to the Allee competition only once per lifetime.

To submit an entry to the Allee Session, applicants must (1) check the appropriate box in the online abstract submission system for the annual meeting; (2) confirm that they meet all eligibility requirements; and (3) submit a PDF version of their Allee manuscript. All applications must be submitted on or before the 2017 meeting’s abstract submission date.

The Allee manuscript must consist of no more than seven double-spaced, line-numbered, text pages (11 point font or larger), followed by no more than a total of four tables and figures. This limit does not include abstract, references, or acknowledgments. Thesis research that is already published may be included in the Allee paper as long as that work is cited appropriately. Allee manuscripts should be prepared with the same care and attention to detail as if the manuscript was being submitted to a leading journal, such as Animal Behaviour.

Allee judges will evaluate manuscripts, and based on that evaluation will select a slate of applicants to be invited to present their research during the Allee Session at the annual meeting. Submission of an entry does not guarantee participation in the Allee Session, as it is a competitive process. If an applicant is not invited to participate in the Allee Session they will be guaranteed a regular oral presentations at the annual meeting.

For invited applicants, the oral presentation of research during the Allee Session must focus on the material presented in the submitted paper, but may also include other original research conducted by the applicant as well as general introductory and concluding remarks. Applicants who participate in the session are also expected to attend the Allee welcoming dinner and the Annual Meeting’s award ceremony, both of which occur during the annual meeting.

Questions about the Allee Session should be addressed to ABS Second President-Elect, John Swaddle ([email protected]).



Undergraduates who submit posters for presentation at the annual meeting of the Animal Behavior Society are automatically entered in the Genesis Award poster competition unless they indicate they do not want to be included in the competition when they submit their abstract. Judging criteria include significance of the research topic, research methods, research results, and presentation. Presentation encompasses the student's oral discussion with the judges and the poster itself, including clear statements of the questions and results, demonstration that there has been appropriate literature review, good organization and visual appeal. Students should be prepared to demonstrate a mastery of their subject material. Information about this award is available at the ABS website link: http://www.animalbehaviorsociety.org/web/awards-genesis.php. Further information, if needed, can be obtained from the chair of the Genesis subcommittee, Sarah Humfeld (E-mail: [email protected]).



The Diversity Committee of the Animal Behavior Society is calling for nominations for the 2016 Charles H. Turner Award. This program, previously funded by an NSF grant but now supported entirely by the Animal Behavior Society, is a travel grant that supports the goals of increasing the diversity of our membership through support for undergraduate students to attend the annual meeting. Selected Turner Program Fellows will receive support to travel to the 53rd Annual Conference being held in Columbia, Missouri, and participate in a one-day workshop structured to integrate students into both the meeting experience and the broader community of the Animal Behavior Society.

The deadline for submitting online applications is February 28, 2017, including the receipt of all applicant materials and faculty letters of support. The Diversity Committee will review all complete applications and award decisions will be available in March. Interested undergraduate students should contact the Diversity Commitee Chair, Dr. Daniel R. Howard, [email protected], before the deadline with any questions on the application process, and we especially encourage those from traditionally under-represented groups to apply for this unique professional development opportunity.




The Founders’ Memorial Poster Award competition will be held at the 2017 annual meeting of the Animal Behavior Society scheduled June 12th through June 16th at the University of Toronto at Scarborough. Any graduate student or postdoctoral member of the society in good standing is eligible to enter the competition. Applicants can indicate their intention to enter the competition by marking the appropriate box on the Meeting Abstract submission form. All Founders presenters will be expected to provide a single page preview of their poster for the judges.

NOTE: Founder’s participants will no longer be required to give a rapid fire 1 minute 2 slide poster preview presentation.




The Diversity Fund Student Registration Fee Awards are intended to encourage participation and defray costs of attending the annual Animal Behavior Meetings by covering registration fees for graduate students and, in some cases (see below), established professionals, of under-represented minorities. Awards will be made by lottery of all valid applications received before the deadline, which falls on the same date as that for abstract submissions for the upcoming meeting. The exact date for this deadline will be announced when the abstract submission deadline is finalized. The application process is online, and preference is given to individuals presenting research. Questions on the award or application process should be emailed to the ABS Diversity Committee Chair, Daniel R. Howard ([email protected]). Please include in the subject line "ABS Diversity Award" followed by your name.

Eligibility: Applicants from North America must be enrolled in a graduate program at the time of application and must be members of under-represented minorities in the STEM fields who are of African, Asian, Latin American, American Indian or Alaska Native descent. Citizens (graduate students or established professionals) of Latin American countries and non-white citizens of African countries are also encouraged to apply.


ABS Newsletter

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Animal Behaviour

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