Vol. 67, No. 2 | Fall 2022

2022 Career & Fellows Awards

Distinguished Animal Behaviorist Award

The Distinguished Animal Behaviorist Award is the Animal Behavior
Society´s most prestigious award and recognizes an outstanding career in animal behavior. Marlene Zuk (University of Minnesota) has been awarded in 2022.

Quest Award

The Quest Award recognizes an outstanding seminal contribution in animal behavior. Alison Bell (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) is the recipient of the 2022 Quest Award.

Exemplar Award

The Exemplar Award recognizes a major long-term contribution in animal behavior. The 2022 Exemplar Award goes to Zuleyma Tang-Martinez (University of Missouri-St. Louis).

Outstanding New Investigator Award

The Outstanding New Investigator Award recognizes an outstanding contribution in animal behavior by a new investigator, no more than 10 years past obtaining a Ph.D. The 2022 Outstanding New Investigator Award goes to Kate Laskowski (University of California Davis).

Richard Buchholz Conservation Behavior Award

The award recognizes ABS members for their outstanding contributions to the integrative field of Conservation Behavior. The award was named to honor Richard Buchholz for his foundational and continuing work in integrating the fields of animal behavior and conservation biology.  The 2022 Award goes to Bruce A. Schulte (Western Kentucky University).

“Bruce has transformed the field of Conservation Behavior through seminary publications, his service work, and his conservation behavior research in the wild and with captive animals.”

“Dr. Schulte’s contribution to resolving conservation issues arises from his training as a behavioral biologist, but his efforts and approaches have developed to encompass a broader perspective and a valued team of collaborators and students.”

“Bruce has impacted the field of Conservation Behavior by shaping the people and careers of up-and-coming Conservation Behaviorists.”



The Animal Behavior Society is pleased to announce the election of four new Fellows of the Society. The newly-elected ABS Fellows are:

Jacinta Beehner
University of Michigan, USA

Molly Cummings
University of Texas, USA

Emily DuVal
Florida State University, USA

Terry Maple
Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, USA

John Swaddle 
William & Mary, Italy

Karen Warkentin
Boston University, USA

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