Vol. 68, No. 1 | Spring 2023

2023 Grant & Conference Travel Awardees


Noa Pinter-Wollman, 1st Member-at-Large
Chair, 2023 Student Research Grant Committee

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 Student Research Grants and the Developing Nations Research Awards. We received many high-quality proposals, but as in previous years, the number of applications exceeded the number we could fund. We received a total of 129 applications across all award categories, and were able to award funding to 56 applicants.

Each proposal was reviewed independently by at least 2 referees, who provided evaluations and constructive feedback for the student grant writers. As always, members of the Society went above and beyond to provide constructive reviews. The Research Grant Committee extends a very heartfelt thank you to the following (140!) volunteer referees:

Alexis Dollion, Adriana Maldonado-Chaparro, Adwait Deshpande, Alexis Dollion, Andrea Grunst, Anita Aisenberg, Ann Hedrick, Anne Clark, Anne Jacobs, Anne Jacobs, Arielle Fogel, Ashley Robart, Becca Hale, Ben Dantzer, Ben Sandkam, Brett Seymoure, Brittany Florkiewicz, Carolyn Kocman, Chase LaDue, Cheng-Yu Li, Chi-Yun Kuo, Christina Kolbmann, Clare Rittschof, Claudia Rauter, Clayton Vondriska, Clint Kelly, Corinna Most, David Logue, Delia Shelton, Desmond Maynard, Eduardo Bessa, Ejigu Worku, Eli Baskir,,Eliane Gonalves de Freitas, Elizabeth Peterson, Elizabeth Tibbetts, Emilie Snell-Rood, Emily DuVal, Eric Walters, Erica Westerman, Erika M. Santana, Felicity Muth, Fernando Soley, Gabriela Pinho, Gloriana Chaverri, Guillermo Valio, Gwendolyn Murdock, Hangkyo Lim, Ignacio Escalante, Ishani Mukherjee, James (Colton) Watts, James Malcolm, Jason Carbaugh, Jay Mager, Jennifer Gleason, Jennifer Hellmann, Jennifer Mather, Jessica Stamn, Jimena Viquez, Joel Tripp, Joseph Leese, Joseph Niederhauser, Joshua LaPergola, Julie Young, Kathleen Church, Kathleen Munley, Kelly Kissane, Kenna Lehmann, Kevin Judge, Kiran Reed, Klaus Jaffe, Kristiina Wilson, Lata Kalra, Lauren Pharr, Lea Pollack, Leslie Curren, Lisa Gunter, Lisa Surber, Lourdes Arteaga, Luke Larter, Lynn Von Hagen, Madison Browne, Maria Albo, Mara Cecilia De Mrsico, Mariana Tolentino, Marika Bell, Maya Saar, Meghan Maciejewski, Melissa Grunst, Melissa Nelson Slater, Melissa Shyan-Norwalt, Michael Reichert, Michael Vickers, Michelle Solensky, Mikel Maria Delgado, Mindy Waite, Molly McEntee, Natalia Albuquerque, Noa Pinter-Wollman, Nora Carlson, Pablo Ribeiro, Paul Nealen, Paula Pouso, Paula Verzola-Olivio, Peter Bednekoff, Philip Queller , Rachel Chock, Rajath Siddaganga, Rindy Anderson, Robert Fagen, Robert Srygley, Robin Foster, Rose Amrhein, Rose Tatarsky, Sarah Fauque, Sarah King, Selina Viktor Robson, Shailee Shah, Shala Hankison, Sheryl Walker, Stephen Zawistowski, Steve Nowicki, Stotra Chakrabarti, Sue Margulis, Susan Riechert, Susan Villarreal, Tamra Mendelson, Tasmin Rymer, Taylor Evans, Tom Contreras, Trish Sevene, Victoria Farrar, Viraj Torsekar, Wendi Wolfram, Wiliam Ku Peralta, William Searcy, Yseult Hjja-Brichard, Zachary Laubach, Zachary Shaffer.

We were helped immensely by Mellisa Paa at SPLTrak, who administered the online grant submission and review system, which ran smoothly. Thank you also to Delia Shelton (2nd Member-at-Large) and Adrianna Maldonado-Chaparro (3rd Member-at-Large), who made important contributions during the entire process. Most importantly, we want to thank all the members of the Society who have supported this program over the years and who have donated funds to make this program such a success.



Christian Perez, Substrate-borne Vibrations: An Ecological Method to Study a Leaf Litter Community


Sanya Cowal, Uncommon Grounds: Ant-Pest & Ant-Pollinator-Microbe Interactions through Multi-Scale Contingencies in Coffee Management


Kyra Bankhead, Spreading Dynamics of Maladaptive Foraging Behavior Among Highly Social Predators


Anwesha Acharjee, Impact of Pesticides on the Memory of a Non-target Tropical Ant


Tali Caspi, Quantifying Individual Specialization of Urban Coyotes with Stable Isotope Analysis
Jasmeen Kaur, Effects of maternal hormones: linking mechanisms from early-life to later brain and behavior
Kelly O'Neil, Beggars Can’t Be Choosers: Experimentally Testing the Effects of Brood Size on Parental Favoritism and Sibling Competition in a Wild Songbird
Verena Conkin, Female Counter-Strategies to Infanticide in Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)
Manish Pathak, Based on the rescue call from pupa & adult, whom ants will rescue first?
Karyn Anderson, Friends with benefits?: Understanding colobine opposite-sex relationships
Christine Rudd, A Preliminary Investigation into Equine Behavioral Response to Human Leading Behaviors and Lead Line Pressure
Megan Linke, Habitat selection and reproductive behavior of King Rails (Rallus elegans) in restored and managed wetlands
Casey Patmore, Assessing How Cooperation Responds to Asymmetric Interspecific Competition
Valentina Gascue, Locomotion and perception working together: exploratory strategies in a South American weakly electric fish
Katrina Moore, Bridging the gap: connecting fragmented wildlife populations in Southern California
Elene Haave Audet, Do differences in life-history strategies predict differences in exploration and exploitation in Eastern chipmunks?
Neil Balchan, How do you hold your hood? Assessing the behavioral repertoire associated with cobra eyespots
Abbigail Turner, Repeatability of ejection characteristics in the American robin (Turdus migratorius)
Daniela Pareja Mejia, Are tree frogs able to find their way back home?



Colleen Poje, The role of genetic group structure on maternal investment strategies in a mixed-kin cooperative breeder
Katherine Porras-Brenes, Examining the Relationship Between Antipredator Adaptations in the Green and Black Dendrobatid Poison Frog
William Botta, Effects of individual emotional state on the spread of mass panic behavior
Janice Yan, Effect of Social Experience on Sexual Competency in Bed Bugs
Emma Thurau, Balancing nutrients and plant secondary metabolite in wild monkey diets: an eco-metabolomics approach
Brynn Harshbarger, Spatial deposition pattern of Tamarind seeds dispersed by ring-tailed lemurs 
Angela Brierly, The Role of Social Networks in Predicting Delayed Dispersal in a Cooperatively Breeding Bird Species)
Jessica Schaefer, Variation in Reproductive Behavior of a Socially Polyandrous Shorebird: Do Females Trade-off Parenting and Mating Effort?
Subhasmita Patro, Effect of Early-life Stress on Static and Dynamic Social Signaling Traits
Morgan Hughes, Impact of Landscape Fragmentation and Drought Severity on the Seasonal Movement, Habitat Use, Reproductive Phenology, and Genetic Connectivity of Tropical Dry Forests Bats
Alejandro Lopez Michelena, Carotenoid coloration as a condition signal in Icterus pustulatus in the context of heavy metal pollution from silver mining in southern Morelos, Mexico
Nicole Moody, Sensing a threat: how territorial signals activate the woodpecker auditory cortex
Kalina Eskew, Influence of light and noise pollution from vehicles on avian reproduction
Muna Maisarah Haji Abdul Malik, Effect of Starvation and Operational Sex Ratio on Post-copulatory Mate Guarding in Water Striders
Jacob Drucker, Unpacking niche packing: Forest bird foraging behavior and diet across an elevational gradient in the Andean Choc
Lara Naves Alegre, The intense social life of solitary brown bears
Karina Torres, Host-Parasitoid Interactions Along an Elevational Gradient in Eastern Ecuador
Kristen Hobbs, Does climate affect the degree of sexual selection in a tropical lekking bird?
Subhashis Halder, Physiochemical mechanisms of queen control via a novel fertility signal in a primitively eusocial ant
Priyanka Hari Haran, Birds Of A Feather Flock Together: Does The Adage Hold In Shared Landscapes In The Tropics?
Emily Terrill, Behavioral Co-option in the Evolution of Parental Care
Brooke Poplin, Sociality and Cooperative Hunting in Harris’s Hawks in South Texas
Alexander Jacobsen, Population Divergence Driven by Reproductive Timing in the Marine Midge, Clunio Marinus
Jaclyn Aubin, Unraveling the social structure, vocal behavior, and dialects of endangered belugas
Candice Malone, Hormonal Influences of New Parent Division of Labor in Social Challenges
Brendon Byrd, Investigating the Role of Parental Care During Colonization
Maria Castano, Is Male Aggression Driving Asymmetric Introgression of a Sexual Signal in an Avian Hybrid Zone?
Mihir Joshi, Nutritional Ecology in a Variable World: Fitness Consequences of Foraging Strategies in a Desert Herbivore
Jan Kreider, The environmental induction of sociality in the allodapine bee Exoneura robusta
Julia Balogh, Influences of environmental variation on nectar production, foraging behavior, and pollination success
Minjung Baek, Transfer of nectar robbing behavior across plant species
Anvitha Satish, Impact of Drought on the Social Structure of Female Asian Elephants in Nagarahole and Bandipur National Parks, Southern India.



Natalie V. Súnchez, Vocal responses to experimental manipulation of density: Do male and female tropical wrens vary their vocal behavior when density changes?
Tomaz Cezimbra de Azevedo, Demography and behavioral responses of Guiana dolphins (Sotalia guianensis) facing human-induced rapid environmental changes in a Brazilian estuarine complex.
Gisela Sobral, Why boldness matter? Personality and seed dispersal of an endangered rodent species
Sourabh Biswas, Role of Scent Marking and Urinary Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Maintaining the Social Structure and Territory in Indian Free-ranging Dogs.
Cecilia Cuatianquiz, Use of anthropogenic materials influences on abundance of arthropods and the reproductive success of secondary cavity-nester birds



Congratulations to the recipients of the conference travel awards. These awards were administered by Delia Shelton, with the assistance of Noa Pinter-Wollman and Adriana Maldonado-Chaparro (the Members at Large or MALs). For both the Latin American Travel Awards (LATA) and Graduate Student Travel Grants (GSTG), 1-2 MALs independently rated each application, and those scores were combined with a score designated for previous attendance to ABS with higher scores given to participants that have either never attended ABS or only attended ABS virtually. Within those rankings, ties were broken by giving preference to PhD students who were further along in their graduate studies. The top 13 applicants were provided with a $700 award and the others were provided with a $500 award. This year, we received many more deserving applications than we were able to fund, and we appreciate the widespread interest in these awards. We were able to fund 6 of 8 applications for the Latin American Travel Awards, with first time ABS attendees receiving $1800 awards, and others receiving $1400 awards.

LATA awardees for the 2023 conference are:

Aline Vieira e Silva, Universidade Estadual de Campina

Samuel Rodrigues, Pontifical Catholic University of Minas

Andre Rodrigues, University of Sao Paulo

Pedro Plravelor, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Vanessa Cuhna, University of Sao Paulo

Florencia Barrios, University of the Republic

GSTG awardees for the 2023 conference are:

Wenyi Zhou, University of Florida

Julia Zeh, Syracuse University

Hsiang-Yu Tsai, University of Chicago

Piuli Shit, University of Regensburg

Alyssa Sargent, University of Washington

Preethi Rajasekara, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

Muhammad Mahmudur Rahman, Oregon State University

Stefan Popp, University of Arizona

Conner Philson, University of California - Los Angeles

Manish Pathak, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research - Kolkata

Katherine Otter, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Kelly O’Neill, University of Memphis

Ishani Mukherjee, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research - Kolkata

Anastasia Madsen, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Sage Madden, University of California - Davis

Rikki Laser, Cornell University

Georgia Lambert, University of Edinburgh

Tamara Kumpan, University of Toronto

Phoebe Koenig, Cornell University

Brooke Karasch, Ball State University

Clara Howell, Duke University

Danae Diaz, Duke University

Jaime Corcoran, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Madison Clarke, University of Lethbridge

Moth Castagna, Missouri State University

Tyler Brown, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Amanda Bevan, University of Northern Colorado


The Caregiver Travel Grant award provides financial assistance for active ABS members whose caregiving responsibilities for dependent persons would otherwise limit their ability to attend and present at the annual ABS meeting. Dependents include but are not limited to young children and aging parents and awarded funds can be used for care-giving responsibilities necessary while you're at the conference including expenses incurred for care at home or at the meeting as well as travel expenses for the dependent. This year we received 13 applications and were able to award 7, equivalent to 58% funding rate. We were able to award one graduate student member ($500), four postdocs ($2900), and two research fellows ($1600). We congratulate all the applicants that received this award. Awards were administered by Adrianna Maldonado-Chaparro (3rd Member-at-Large), with assistance of Delia Shelton (2nd Member-at-Large) and Noa Pinter-Wollman (1st Member-at-Large). Thank you also to Elizabeth Phillips | Senior Project Leader at SPLTrak, for her assistance on the online grant submission system.

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