Keynote & Plenaries

Keynote & Plenaries

The Classic Acacia-ant Mutualism Through the Lens of Behavior.

Sabrina Amador-Vargas
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

From Individual Behavior to Population Level Change: The Role of Social Interactions in Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics.

Yimen Araya-Ajoy
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The social lives of vampire bats

Gerry Carter
Ohio State University – ABS Young Investigator Award 2021

Embracing the Power of Diversity, Curiosity, and Passion to Advance Scientific Discovery, Innovation, and Communication.

Eileen Hebets
University of Nebraska-Lincoln - ABS Presidential Plenary

Male Dimorphism and Alternative Mating Tactics in an Eight-Legged World.

Glauco Machado
Universidade de São Paulo

The Causes and Consequences of Social Interactions.

Noa Pinter-Wollman
University of California at Los Angeles

My Improbable Journey: Personal Experience as a Foundation for Opening Doors for the "Others" and for Challenging Paradigms in Science

Zuleyma Tang-Martinez
University of Missouri at St. Louis – Inaugural JEDI Plenary Faculty/tang.html