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Multilingual Buddy Program

In an effort to promote inclusivity, the ABS 2022 conference is starting a new "Multilingual Buddy Program" as way to make this meeting accessible for people not fluent in English.

This year, the ABS conference committee is allowing participants to:

         -  Submit abstracts in  Spanish and/or Portuguese in addition to the English version. All versions will be available at the meeting portal.

          - Present in Spanish or Portuguese as long as English is accessible (i.e., words on slides in English, video subtitles in English).

The "Multilingual Buddy Program" is a system by which we match multilingual members of ABS with other members in need of a "translation buddy" to ensure their work does not get "lost in translation."

We estimate involvement in this program will not require a large time commitment but it success will depend on your ability to timely respond to your buddy. Given the advancement of effective online translation tools, many researchers will be able to have a first draft in the language they need help with, requiring only editorial feedback.

This is a volunteer program, and we are very grateful for your dedication and willingness to devote time to help others. We are hoping this program will be continued in the future so we can carry on broadening our ABS membership and fully support all animal behaviorists interested in share their research with us.

Sign up to participate in this program here

Thank you in advance for making this conference truly multilingual!

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Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions concerning the abstract submission process.