Film Festival

Thursday July 13 at 7:30pm in Ballroom 201
at the Oregon Convention Center

Non-Commercial Films
Made by an individual or persons largely associated with animal behavior from a teaching, research, and/or applied perspective, not with the primary goal of earning an income.

Text Box:    Puffin Island ~7:30pm
Run time: 12 minutes
Directed by: Ishan Amit Vaidya

Nestled in the Celtic Sea, the pristine island of Skokholm is witness to one of the greatest wildlife gatherings in Britain every spring and summer. Home to one of the largest breeding colonies of Atlantic Puffins in southern Britain, the island takes centre stage as the comic and tragic lives of these enthralling creatures unfold over time.

Text Box:    Saving Littlejohn ~7:45pm
Run time: 12 minutes
Directed by: Mhairi Fenton

With the 6th mass extinction looming, focusing on saving one species might seem futile. With media attention often focusing on the larger endangered mammals, a mundane nocturnal tree frog, hidden in the Australian bush, could go extinct without anyone knowing. Researchers at The University of Newcastle believe that saving one can save many. This one is the Littlejohn tree frog. In this documentary, we see the hidden lives of The Littlejohn's Tree Frogs and the three scientists determined to save them.

To the HeText Box:    art of the Social Network:
Neighbourhood Quarrels of the Columbian Ground Squirrel ~8:00pm
Run time: 27 minutes
Directed by: Aurélien Prudor

Living in a group usually provides many benefits. Yet, in the midst of their community, DOTKA and TRIBALE, two ground squirrels from the Canadian Rocky Mountains must come to terms with their peers. What if their social environment influenced their chances of reproducing? Or even their life expectancy? An international research team is trying to answer these questions by deciphering the effect of social stress on the health of these small mammals. A journey to the heart of their social network that makes us reflect on the parallels between animal and our own human societies.

Polarised AdvText Box:    entures ~8:30pm
Run time: 60 minutes*
Directed by: György Kriska

2016 Ig Nobel prize winner György Kriska and his colleagues are researching polarisation: a special property of the light, which is invisible to the human eye, but visible to various insects. This is a superpower which can be used, for example, to recognize a stream when searching for water. The special visual information has helped aquatic insects to survive for millions of years, but humans have begun to transform the physical environment, so that the animals are receiving more and more false and often deadly signals.

Commercial Films
Made by professional photographers and filmmakers with the express purpose of earning a profit.

Text Box:       Wild Argentina - Land of Water ~9:00pm
Run time: 50 minutes
Directed by: Christian Baumeister and Moritz Mayerle

Water shapes northern Argentina, creating paradises for unique wildlife. Whether it's sooty swifts swooping through waterfall floodwaters, frogs glowing in the dark, cute coati families in the undergrowth, or mighty anacondas on the prowl. Argentina's wetlands hold many wonders. In magnificent images, the film celebrates Argentina's water-rich north as a hotspot of biodiversity and shows how drought and fires threaten the fragile ecosystem.


Text Box:       Nature’s Magic Moments ~9:45pm
Run time: 50 minutes
Directed by: Christian Baumeister

‘Nature's Magic Moments“ lets us see nature with new eyes! Unique animal behavior, brilliant super slow motion and amazing time lapse allow us to immerse ourselves in an unknown world, where every moment is a feast for the senses.

Nature is full of surprises, but all too often they escape our perception. Amazing animal behavior often takes place in secret and happens so quickly that we can hardly see it. Christian Baumeister's film reveals what remains hidden from the human eye. State-of-the-art camera technology, impressive super slow motion and amazing time lapses magically stage kingfishers, brown hares, bats and co. in extraordinary moments. A feast for the senses and an unforgettable film experience for the whole family.

Animal Behavior Film Committee:
Chair: Barbara Clucas - Judges: Cassandra Nuñez, Natalie Roberts, and Natalia Aponte
Interested in joining the committee? Please email [email protected]

Submissions for ABS 2024 Film Festival will open in January 2024: