Keynote & Plenaries

Keynote & Plenaries

Keynote Address
Translational Behavioral Biology: A Fearful Perspective

Dan Blumstein
University of California Los Angeles


Fellows Lecture
From Sensory to Social Environments—exploring forces that shape behavior and cognition in swordtails

Molly Cummings
University of Texas Austin


Fellows Lecture
Living on the edge – what food-caching chickadees can teach us about the evolution of cognition

Vladimir Pravosudov

University of Nevada Reno

Presidential Address

Susan Alberts

Duke University - ABS Presidential Plenary


Plenary Lecture
What can clonal fish tell us about behavioral individuality?

Kate Laskowski
University of California Davis


Plenary Lecture
The behavior of ghosts: How cities shape coyote organismal ecology

Chris Schell

University of California Berkeley

DEI Lecture
Promoting innovation through DEI science

Emília P. Martins

Arizona State University