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Animal Behavior Society
Animal Behavior Society

Working towards a better understanding of animal behavior

About the ABS

The Animal Behavior Society is a non-profit, 501(3)(c) professional organization dedicated to promoting education and research in the field of animal behavior.

Fellows of the ABS

To report any updates, please contact:

Name Year Status
Caitlin R. Gabor 2020 Active
Elisabetta Palagi 2020 Active
Daniel Dean Wiegmann 2020 Active
Leticia Aviles 2019 Active
Mark E. Hauber 2019 Active
Diana K. Hews 2019 Active
Regina Helena F. Macedo 2019 Active
Lawrence Dill 2018 Inactive
Esteban Fernandez-Juricic 2018 Active
Ann V. Hedrick 2018 Active
David B. McDonald 2018 Active
Gail Lisa Patricelli 2018 Inactive
David Stephens 2018 Inactive
Verner P. Bingman 2017 Inactive
Jennifer H. Fewell 2017 Active
Todd M. Freeberg 2017 Active
Vladimir Pravosudov 2017 Active
Kerry Shaw 2017 Inactive
James F. A. Traniello 2017 Inactive
Maydianne C. B. Andrade 2016 Active
Alexandra L. Basolo 2016 Active
Douglas Patrick Chivers 2016 Active
Deborah M. Gordon 2016 Active
Molly R. Morris 2016 Active
Philip K. Stoddard 2016 Active
Gregory E. Demas 2015 Inactive
Steven Lima 2015 Active
Daniel R. Papaj 2015 Active
Michael Webster 2015 Inactive
Michael Webster 2015 Active
Michael D. Breed 2014 Active
Janis L. Dickinson 2014 Inactive
Lee Alan Dugatkin 2014 Inactive
Nancy G. Solomon 2014 Inactive
Anne B. Clark 2013 Active
Anne E. Pusey 2013 Active
David C. Queller 2013 Active
Jan A. Randall 2013 Active
Sandra Vehrencamp 2013 Active
Ken Yasukawa 2013 Active
Daniel T. Blumstein 2012 Active
William G. Eberhard 2012 Inactive
Gregory F. Grether 2012 Inactive
Emilia Martins 2011 Active
John C. Mitani 2011 Active
Zuleyma Tang-Martinez 2011 Active
Jeffrey Lucas 2009 Active
Susan C. Alberts 2008 Active
Thomas D. Seeley 2008 Inactive
Joan B. Silk 2008 Inactive
Mary Jane West-Eberhard 2008 Active
Sara J. Shettleworth 2007 Inactive
Andrew Sih 2007 Inactive
Marlene Zuk 2007 Inactive
Randy J. Nelson 2006 Inactive
Gene E. Robinson 2006 Active
Michael J. Ryan 2006 Inactive
Christopher S. Evans 2004 Deceased
Susan A. Foster 2004 Active
Robert E. Johnston 2004 Inactive
A. Stanley Rand 2004 Deceased
Paul W. Sherman 2004 Inactive
Patricia G. Parker 2003 Inactive
William Searcy 2003 Active
Gerald S. Wilkinson 2003 Inactive
Jean-Guy Godin 2002 Active
Michael Greenfield 2002 Active
Norman D. Henderson 2002 Inactive
Joan E. Strassmann 2002 Active
Meredith J. West 2002 Inactive
John A. Byers 2001 Inactive
Kay Ellen Holekamp 2001 Active
Patricia L. Schwagmeyer 2000 Active
Christine Boake 1999 Active
Jack W. Bradbury 1999 Active
Hugh Dingle 1999 Inactive
Michael Beecher 1998 Active
Robert G. Jaeger 1998 Inactive
Stephen Nowicki 1998 Active
Daniel I. Rubenstein 1998 Active
Andrew Blaustein 1997 Inactive
Eliot Brenowitz 1997 Inactive
Dorothy Cheney 1997 Deceased
Hugh M. Drummond 1997 Inactive
Patricia A. Gowaty 1997 Active
Jerry A. Hogan 1997 Active
Lynne D. Houck 1997 Inactive
Gail R. Michener 1997 Active
Peter M. Narins 1997 Inactive
Robert Seyfarth 1997 Active
Kentwood D. Wells 1997 Inactive
John Wingfield 1997 Inactive
Bennett G. Galef Jr 1996 Active
R. J. Schusterman 1996 Deceased
Stephen H. Vessey 1996 Inactive
Russell P. Balda 1995 Inactive
Marc Bekoff 1995 Inactive
H. Jane Brockmann 1995 Active
Benjamin L. Hart 1995 Active
Alan C. Kamil 1995 Inactive
William Bell 1994 Inactive
Edward H. Burtt Jr. 1994 Deceased
David Chiszar 1994 Deceased
John A. Endler 1994 Inactive
Darryl T. Gwynne 1994 Active
Alison Jolly 1994 Deceased
Ellen D. Ketterson 1994 Active
Douglas W. Mock 1994 Active
Donald H. Owings 1994 Deceased
Irene M. Pepperberg 1994 Active
Charles T. Snowdon 1994 Inactive
George Uetz 1994 Active
Kenneth B. Armitage 1993 Inactive
Elsie . C. Collias 1993 Deceased
James Bruce Falls 1993 Inactive
Carl Gans 1993 Deceased
George S. Losey Jr. 1993 Inactive
Fernando Nottebohm 1993 Inactive
Susan E. Riechert 1993 Active
R. Haven Wiley 1993 Active
Glen E. Woolfenden 1993 Deceased
Kenneth P. Able 1992 Inactive
Stevan J. Arnold 1992 Inactive
Ronald J. Barfield 1992 Inactive
Lee C. Drickamer 1992 Active
J. Fentress 1992 Deceased
James L. Gould 1992 Inactive
Bert Hoelldobler 1992 Active
Martha K. McClintock 1992 Inactive
Lewis W. Oring 1992 Inactive
Katherine Ralls 1992 Active
Thelma Rowell 1992 Inactive
Randy Thornhill 1992 Inactive
Elizabeth Adkins-Regan 1991 Active
Gordon M. Burghardt 1991 Active
Sidney A. Gauthreaux 1991 Active
Judy A. Stamps 1991 Inactive
John Alcock 1990 Active
Terry E. Christenson 1990 Inactive
Sarah Blaffer Hrdy 1990 Active
Jeanne Altmann 1989 Active
Colin G. Beer 1989 Inactive
Lincoln P. Brower 1989 Inactive
Millicent S. Ficken 1989 Inactive
P. J. DeCoursey 1988 Inactive
Devra G. Kleiman 1987 Deceased
Edward O. Price 1985 Active
Donald A. Dewsbury 1983 Active
G. H. Orians 1983 Inactive
C. R. Terman 1982 Inactive
Irwin S. Bernstein 1980 Inactive
Jerram L. Brown 1980 Inactive
Stephen T. Emlen 1980 Active
William A. Mason 1980 Inactive
Richard D. Alexander 1979 Inactive
P. B. Siegel 1979 Inactive
E. S. Reese 1977 Inactive
J. G. Vandenbergh 1977 Inactive
Peter R. Marler 1973 Deceased
Charles H. Southwick 1973 Deceased
Stuart A. Altmann 1970 Deceased
George W. Barlow 1970 Deceased
Charles C. Carpenter 1970 Deceased
T. Eisner 1970 Deceased
Jay S. Rosenblatt 1970 Deceased
Ethel Tobach 1970 Deceased
Dillon Paul Brown 1969 Inactive
John A. King 1969 Deceased
Peter H. Klopfer 1969 Inactive
Nicholas Elias Collias 1968 Deceased
W. N. Tavolga 1968 Deceased
E. O. Wilson 1968 Inactive
B. E. Ginsburg 1967 Deceased