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ABS Outreach Grant

The Animal Behavior Society is excited to offer Outreach Grants to support outstanding community engagement efforts by ABS members. We have a responsibility as scientists to engage with the public, and most members of ABS are involved in creative outreach activities.

With this ABS Outreach Grant, we will recognize and support a few exceptional programs each year. Awards are $1000 each. Winners will share their program on this website as well as through a poster at the ABS annual conference.

Proposals are due each year on December 1 (emailed to [email protected]), and awardees will be announced in the Spring.

Proposal Submission Information Link

2023- 2024 Grant Recipients

Luciana Baruffaldi: Two Bugs/One Stone: Breaking Barriers to Biology for Under-Served Students Through Interactive Invertebrate Behaviour Experiences

Katie Krueger: Ear of the Beholder Portable Museum Exhibit

Alexis Levengood: Dolphin Spotter: a land-based citizen science project in southeast Queensland, Australia

Lauren Pharr: Beginning Birders: A Program Providing Confidence and Community

Avantika Sharma: DHOLEPARAI: A community engagement effort for dhole conservation in an agroforest shared landscape of Valparai, Tamil Nadu, India

2022- 2023 Grant Recipients

Corinna Most: Uaso Ngiro Baboon Project and II Polei Secondary School

Emily Terrill: Hoperation frog: Using amphibians for community engagement

Kelly Ronald: ExploreHope Camp: ‘Angry Bird origins: Pollution effects on bird communities

Manish Pathak: Fighting misinterpretation of Darwin's theory at the grassroots leve

Rosannette Quesada-Hidalgo: Opiliones teaching science

2021- 2022 Grant Recipients

Alyssa Sargent: Hummingbird Sugar Rush: Engaging with Underrepresented Groups in Science

Caitlin Hawley: What do you want to learn? Open-inquiry outdoor science education

Lauren Guillette et al.: Nesting birds of the world

Marika Bell: The deal with animals podcast

Shany Dror et al.: Genius dog challenge


2020- 2021 Grant Recipients

Anita Aisenberg: Walk on the Wild Side: A Journey with Explorers of the Tiny World, Walk on the Wildside PPT

Yi-Ru Cheng: Trash for Treats

Lindsay R. Mehrkam: Unleashing Applied Animal Behavior Science to Underserved Communities

Heungjin Ryu: Citibats: Citizen Science-based Bat Acoustic Monitoring Program

Doug Wacker: Urban Bird Project

CLICK HERE to view the 2020-2021 recipient video.


2019- 2020 Grant Recipients

Sarah Guindre-Parker: Backyard Behavior – Using nest-box dwelling birds to observe animal behavior locally

Mounica Kota and Kia Seehafer: Boosting the Behavior Bug: An Introductory Animal Behavior Module

Alexandra McInturf: The Ethogram

Matt Wilkins: A Galactic Polymath Interdisciplinary Middle School Unit Based on Female Barn Swallow Song

2018- 2019 Grant Recipients

Maria J Albo, Kids That Tell Science: Promoting Positive AttitudesTthroughout Scientific Knowledge

Laura Hancock, Flying Friends Friday and Wildlife Wednesday

Shailee S. Shah and Stefanie J. Siller, Superb Stories And Games: Engaging Kenyan Students In The Unique Behavior Of A Local Bird

Heather Zimbler-DeLorenzo, Wild Side Of Science


2017- 2018 Grant Recipients

Giridhar Malla, An initiative to create awareness about behaviour and conservation of a globally threatened small cat among the kids of a fishing community in India

Sue Margulis and Tiffany Vanderwerf, Encouraging animal behavior studies in science fairs

Ted Stankowich, The science of wildlife conservation and pet safety, a community outreach study

Brooke Woelber, Science Friday!