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Career Diversity Travel Award

The Career Diversity Travel award is intended to increase the diversity of attendees at the ABS Annual meeting and within its membership, specifically for career stages that are less well supported. It will provide financial support to career stages including but not limited to postdocs, research scientists, lecturers, adjuncts, and non-tenure track faculty, to help defray the costs of registration, travel, and/or housing at the annual Animal Behavior Society meeting. Applying for this award does not preclude you from applying for additional ABS funding. Awardees are encouraged to upload their presentations to the ABS virtual meeting, to increase accessibility and broader inclusion and participation. Tenure Track faculty, undergraduate and graduate students are not eligible to apply.

Note: you are responsible for acquiring all required documentation (visas, passport) to enter Canada.

This award provides $750.00 to support conference attendance.

The application consists of:

  1. You (or your students’) submitted abstract and title
  2. A brief statement about your request for support
  3. Institutional support survey
  4. Demographic survey

Submission Deadline date: March 22, 2024