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ABS Safe Behavior Committee

The Safe Behavior Committee works to ensure that ABS creates a safe environment for its members. We do this by developing and acting on policies that establish strong ethical guidelines concerning the Society’s expectations about how members will behave (i) at meetings, (ii) in the conduct of their research on animal behavior, and (iii) when acting as a representative of the Society. We also review reported violations of the ABS Code of Ethics and Member Conduct, and make recommendations about how the society will respond.

For more information about our policies and procedures, see “Section 19. Ethics” in our Animal Behavior Society Policy document (part of the ABS Handbook).

The Chair of the Safe Behavior Committee is the current President of the Animal Behavior Society; other members of the committee include the Past President, the current Program Officer, and the Diversity Officer


To contact the Safe Behavior Committee, please send an email to our confidential address: [email protected].