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ABS Film Awards

Title Award Year Film Maker
To the Heart of the Social Network: Neighbourhood Quarrels of the Columbian Ground Squirrel Non-Commercial 2023 Aurélien Prudor
Wild Argentina - Land of Water Commercial 2023 Christian Baumeister and Moritz Mayerle
The Message of the Lyrebird Commercial 2022 Mark Pearce
Wild Horses - A Tale from the Puszta Commercial 2021 Zoltan Torok
Wings & Wetlands – A Story of Migration Non-Commercial 2020 Raghunath Belur & Sugandhi Gadadhar
Mt. Suswa – Life in a Volcano Commercial 2020 Oliver Goetzl
Power of Play Commercial 2019 Erin Oakes
Now or Never Non-Commercial 2019 Matt Senior
White Wolves – Ghosts of the Artic Commercial 2018 Oliver Goetzl
The Ice Whale: Dephinapterus leucas Non-Commercial 2018 Michael Noonan
Person of the Forest Non-Commercial 2017 Melissa Lesh
Lemming – The Little Giant of the North Commercial 2017 Zoltan Török
Discovering Animal Behavior Non-Commercial 2016 Alberto Redondo
Everglades: A Watery Wilderness Commercial 2016 directed by Zoltan Török
The Bearded Capuchin Monkeys of Fazenda Boa Vista Non-Commercial 2015 Elisabetta Visalberghi & Alessandro Albani
Wild Australia - Desert of the Red Kangaroo Commercial 2015 by Jens Westphalen & Thoralf Grospitz
The Backyard Jungle Commercial 2014 Jan Haft
Badge of Status Non-Commercial 2014 Cody Dey
Ordinary, Extraordinary Junco Non-Commercial 2013 Jonathan Atwell (Director)
Battle of the Sexes: Evolution in Action Non-Commercial 2011 Nathan Dappen (Director)
Signals for Survival Non-Commercial 2010 Marc Dantzker and David Brown (Producers)
The Carrizo Plain Non-Commercial 2009 Vince Franke and Daniel Rosenberg (Producers)
The World of Weddell Seals Non-Commercial 2008 Jesse Purdy and Randall Davis (Producers)
NUTS about capuchins Non-Commercial 2007 Elisabetta Visalberghi (Produder)
Big World of Insects, Spiders & Bugs: Bees - Social or Solitary Non-Commercial 2006 New Dimensions Media and France Animation
Walking with Ghosts Non-Commercial 2005 Carolyn Underwood and Michael Allder, Bullfrog Films
All the Trappings Non-Commercial 2004 Bao Productions, Rosie Koch, and Stan Braude (Producers), Rosie Koch (Director)
Learning to Sea Non-Commercial 2003 Ziggy Livnat (Producer)
Mafiís Glide Non-Commercial 2002 Manu Esteve
Mimicry, Sleep and Sex: The Natural History of a Micropezid Fly Non-Commercial 2001 Patricia Ortiz (Producer)
Field Work in Meru ‘99 or In the Name of the Naked Mole Rat Non-Commercial 2000 Rosie Koch
The Reproductive Behavior of the Rainbow Cichlid, Herotilapia multispinosa Non-Commercial 1997 Gary Quick
The Western American Crow Non-Commercial 1995 Robert Dickson and George Bartholomew (Producers), U California Center for Media and Independent Learning
Proceptivity Patterns in Captive Lowland Gorillas, Orangutangs, and Celebes Macaques Non-Commercial 1994 Shirley Davis
A Wood Bison Summer Non-Commercial 1993 Petr E. Komers
A Place for Whooping Cranes Non-Commercial 1992 Dave Erickson, Ootek Productions
Chameleons Non-Commercial 1991 Thomas Madsen and Monika Osterkamp
Wildlife in the Midlands Non-Commercial 1990 Robert Horton (Producer)
Social Behavior of the Red Jungle Fowl Non-Commercial 1989 Nicholas and Elsie Collias
Raising Crane Non-Commercial 1988 David Erickson (Producers), Ootek Productions
Whitecoat Non-Commercial 1987 Norman Lightfoot
Platte, River of Life Non-Commercial 1986 Tom Mangelson
The Guanaco of Patagonia Non-Commercial 1985 William Franklin
A Strategy for Survival. the Monarch Butterfly Non-Commercial 1984 Lincoln Brower
Wild Scandanavia: Norway Commercial 2013 Jan Haft ( Director)
Jungle Book Bear Commercial 2012 Oliver Goetzl (Director)
none Non-Commercial and Commercial 1996, 1998, 1999, 2008, 2009, and 2012
Wild Scandinavia Commercial 2011 Oliver Goetzl (Director)
The Urals (Wild Russia Series - Part II) Commercial 2010 Oliver Goetzl and Ivo Nörenberg (Producers)
Seasons of the Otter Commercial 2007 Dale Johnson and Bob Landis (Producers)
Wolverines: Hyenas of the North Commercial 2006 Oliver Goetzl and Ivo Nörenberg (Producers), Gulo Film Productions
Elephas maximus: The Biology and Conservation of the Asian Elephant Commercial 2005 Michael Noonan (Director/Producer), Nathan Johnson (Editor)
Silhouettes of the Desert Commercial 2004 David Curl (Producer/Director)
Land of the Anaconda Commercial 2003 Jesus Rivas (Producers), National Geographic Television
Baltic Secrets: The Invincible Wolf Commercial 2002 Nick Upton (Producer), Green Umbrella Ltd.
Mzima: Haunt of the Riverhorse Commercial 2001 Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone, Survival Anglia
The Tale of the Tides: The Hyaena and the Mudskipper Commercial 2000 Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone (Producers and Camera), Survival Anglia/National Geographic
The Science of Whales Commercial 1999 Bo Boudart, Elizabeth O'Connell (Producers), Bo Boudart and Louis Prezelin (Camera), Wonder Visions
Africa's Forgotten Elephants Commercial 1998 Brian Leith (Producer), Martyn Colheck and Mike Fox (Camera), Scorer Assocation/BBC-WNET
Wolves of the Air Commercial 1997 Michael W. Richards (Producer), National Geographic Television
The New Chimpanzees Commercial 1996 Catherine McConnell and Cynthia Moses (Producers), Neil Retti (Camera), National Geographic Television
For Queen and Colony Commercial 1995 Steve Nicholls (Producer), Kevin Flay (Photographer), BBC Natural History Unit
The Big Freeze Commercial 1994 Alastair Fothergill (Producer), BBC Films
Wildlife on One - Too Close for Comfort Commercial 1993 Alastair Fothergill (Producer), Michael W. Richards (Camera)
Life on the Edge Commercial 1992 Joel Bennett and Luisa Stoughton, New Dimension Media
Sunlight and Shadows: The Dappled Cats Commercial 1991 Alan Root, Survival Anglia
The Bee Team Commercial 1990 Alistair Fothergill (Producer), Simon King (Photographer)
Queen of the Beasts Commercial 1989 Alan Root (Writer and Producer), Richard Matthews (camera), Survival Anglia
The Secret Leopard Commercial 1988 Richard Matthews (Producer), Zebra Films, and distributed by Primetime Entertainment, Inc.
Kopjies, Islands in a Sea of Grass Commercial 1987 Alan Root, Survival Anglia, LTD
Kitum, Elephant Cave Commercial 1986 produced by Nature, WNET 13 New York
Castles of Clay Commercial 1985 Alan and Joan Roo, Benchmark Films
Aliens from Inner Space Commercial 1984 Roger Hanlon, Keenan Smart (Producer), BBC Natural History Unit