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PhD Position to Study Environmental Change, Pollution, Behavior - University of Miami, Florida
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Posted Oct 24
The  Environmental Psychology Innovation Center (EPIC) in the Biology Department at University of Miami(Go Canes!) is seeking a PhD student to apply this fall (deadline Dec. 1, 2021) to begin fall 2022. Led by Dr. Delia Shelton, the lab will conduct field and lab experiments to understand how environmental features (e.g., pollutants, cadmium, blue light, vegetation, temperature) affect social behavior using zebrafish, neuroscience, advanced chemistry, social networks and molecular biology. Read more about our work at
By joining the lab the student will be a member of a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive research community with opportunities to lead and collaborate on new research directions. They will be mentored in all aspects of the scientific process including experimental design, data analysis, teaching, mentoring, justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) practices, proposal preparation, manuscript submission, disseminating results and entrepreneurship. The lab is housed in a state-of-the-art, palm tree-lined building nested in a cosmopolitan city with world- class arts, entertainment and beaches, Miami, Florida, USA and supported by NIH NIEHS grant and a generous startup package. Applicants from Black and Indigenous people of color and other marginalized identities, and those with interest in animal behavior and toxicology are especially encouraged to apply.To discuss this opportunity, e-mail Dr. Delia Shelton at Shelton.delia@gmail.comwith a brief statement of your background, interests, and a CV/resume.