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Animal Behavior Society
Animal Behavior Society

Working towards a better understanding of animal behavior

Animal Behavior & Conservation

The Animal Behavior Society's Conservation Committee was formed to assist society members who want to apply their professional skills to solve conservation problems. Animal behaviorists approach the study of behavior from at least four different angles (mechanisms, development, adaptive function, evolutionary history), each of which may provide insight to managing effectively a species or population.

ABS Conservation Committee

Name Email Affiliation Role
Bednekoff, Peter Eastern Michigan University Committee
Clucas, Barbara Humboldt State University Chair
Pinter-Wollman, Noa UCSD Committee
Angeloni, Lisa Colorado State University Committee
Boege-Tobin, Debbie University of Alaska Committee
Mesnick, Sarah NOAA, San Diego Committee
Fernandez-Juricic, Esteban Purdue Committee
McPhee, Misty University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Committee
Schulte, Bruce WKU Committee
Shier, Debra Zoological Society of San Diego Committee